Start An Online Home Business

Start An Online Home Business To Watch The Money Grow

Start An Online Home Business

Start an online home business and watch it grow into an income producing machine. Pick a niche. Something your passionate about. Training is available.

Build a website and drive traffic to it. It sounds easy right. Just thinking about those two subjects you already realize you may need specialized internet marketing training when you start an online home business.

Maybe you already know how to build a website. Then you just need hosting for your domain, correct? Which hosting provider do you choose? Host Gator, BlueHost, Go Daddy or how about a place where you can get training and host 25 niche websites using WordPress.

Why WordPress? One third of all people and businesses with a website use WordPress. It’s the go to product for internet marketers. Its widely recognized as one of the CMS. (Content Management System)

What are you passionate about? You see, it is better to start off with something you really enjoy doing or you may give up to soon. When you start an online home business you need to know that it isn’t easy and takes a tremendous amount of work.

That is why it is so important to get the training you need so you do not make as many mistakes and have a better understanding how everything works.

There are many training programs on the internet. Some cost hundreds or even thousands when you add coaching into the mix. You need to learn the basics before you do anything.

Start An Online Home Business With Wealthy Affiliate

Starting an online home business with Wealthy Affiliate will get you ahead of the learning curve. They have a mapped out training outline that guides you step by step. They use a WordPress platform for your hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate offers top notch hosting for your WordPress websites. They even recommend different plugins to use.They have a simple 4 step process to get your website up and running.

Your website needs to load in under two seconds or you may have people clicking off your site and going some where else. They will provide you with information to keep your website loading fast and they are a secure hosting option.

Next Wealthy Affiliate has the largest internet marketing membership site in the world. There are over a million members worldwide. They are well known and many people have made money using their training platform.

Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for over 12 years and continue to offer the online community a wealth of information for you to succeed when you start an online home business.

Some people try to do it all by themselves. They get stuck when they cannot get any traffic to their website. The next thing you know people are quitting because they did not get the basics mastered.

Do it the right way and start an online home business with Wealthy Affiliate so you can learn how to get that traffic to your website. Learn how to choose affiliate products. They teach you how to write reviews for different products.

You Can Start An Online Home Business For Free

Yes, you can start an online home business for free. But if you really want to succeed and promote what your passionate about you’ll become a premium member because it offers you exactly what you need.

You can start with a free membership and get your feet wet but they will want you to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll get two free websites but you will not own the domains. Site Rubix will become your platform. So when you name your website you can bet that Site Rubix will be included in that name.

You also don’t get to use the keyword research tool. It’s called Jaaxy. This tool alone is worth the premium membership fee. That’s right a keyword research tool. Once you learn the basics of internet marketing you’ll soon find out you need this tool.

It will save you a ton of time and help you find little niches so you can chisel your way into that market. Work smart not harder. All of the good marketers use a keyword research tool.

You also need to ensure you have a secure hosting environment and every website should have a ssl certificate. It’s also a ranking factor brought on by google. People feel more at ease with a website that has a ssl certificate.

These certificates are not cheap when your shopping for WordPress Hosting. Wealthy Affiliate offers you 25 of these certificates to use with 25 personal domains.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

When you sign up for the premium membership you will have access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification. This training course consists of 50 rock solid lessons to get your business off the ground. These 50 lessons are inside 5 levels of inter-active walk through experiences.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification has 5 levels. You’ll want to complete each lesson before you move to the next lesson. Each lesson provide the information so you have the know how to get your business found online.

5 Levels With The Online Entrepreneur Certification

  • Getting Started
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Making Money
  • Mastering Social Engagement
  • Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation


In addition, you’ll also receive 70 lessons in the Affiliate Boot Camp. Plus you gain access to 12 different classrooms to help you become an expert in internet marketing. Knowledge is power. Once you gain the knowledge use it.

You can train when and where you want. They are open 365 days of the year day and night. All you need is an internet connection. Build your dream and enjoy life. Is it easy? No, you must work smart, hard and have self discipline to reach your goal.

Working in your spare time is not easy. You have to look at it as a business. Your business with your brand. Just because you build a website doesn’t mean people will come and buy from you.

You have to know how to drive the right traffic to your website or where ever your content is located. You’ll need to understand how social media works and how to build your brand.

Start an Online Home Business Using Video

Video is becoming one of the best traffic generators. You need to understand everything you can about video. Why? Its the future. Even if you can’t write you can still produce a video.

You can turn a video into a written blog using many services you can find by just googling it. It is the fastest way to get your message out. People can see you and they will trust you quicker. Its a great way to build your brand.

You can even use video in your sales funnels, emails and for great content on your website. You don’t even need no fancy equipment now that we all have these marvelous smartphones. Videos are also great for posting on social media sites.

In addition, Wealthy Affiliate uses video in a lot of their training lessons. Video is a great way to learn new skills and they offer excellent ways to explain the “How To.”

Don’t forget. You Tube is the second largest search engine on the web. Plus google owns You Tube and google is the number one search engine on the planet. Both can supply you traffic when you promote your content properly.

Training Is Key For A Successful Online Home Business

Starting an online home business may seem pretty easy when your outside looking in. Looks like two steps. Build a website and get customers to it so you can make some money on the internet.

Did you realize that less than 10% of the people that have a business online are the only ones making money. So what makes you think you can jump right in and start pocketing a handful of cash?

People that are successful understand that you need the qualifications to make it work. You don’t become a doctor without an education. Plumbers, roofers, car salesmen and even a waitress needs training.

You have to learn the skills it takes in order for you to do a great job. You want to be great at something? Get an education. That is the quickest way for success no matter what you are doing. Someone has to teach you the skills so you become more proficient.

Then even after you learn the skills you have to practice them to get better. Training is the key that will unlock your success. You need to grasp a vast amount of information. Once you gain that knowledge you will need to become an expert in your niche or field.

This knowledge and no how do not happen overnight. Just keep getting better and practice your techniques until you got them down so good that everyone that is following you will start to notice.

You’ll know when you finally break through. We have seen a tremendous amount of people quit before they hit the rewards. They lacked discipline. These folks could not reach out and touch their vision. You must believe and keep learning. Practice until your perfect.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online?

That’s a great question and many people have had different results. It depends on many factors. Your niche, your traffic, your training, education, your desire and maybe even the money you have to invest into their new venture.

One thing is for sure. You are in charge of your own outcomes. Your own results and your paycheck. You need to know how to operate an online home business. Put in the time, reinvest in your business and have a plan with goals.

We’ve seen people take a couple of hours to 5 and six years before they made any money online. It all up to you. Not your neighbors, friends or any relatives. You are the business owner and if you fail it’s all on you.

Training is a simple solution to making money online as long as you put in the hard work and start realizing that you have to help people out. You need to understand that you must offer solutions to people problems. Then present them in such a way that people believe you.

You have to build a trust factor and get your brand trusted. We recommend you start an online home business with Wealthy Affiliate. Its the fastest way to learn the skills you need to make money online.

Over a million people can’t be wrong. The community of folks there are the same as you. They are your peers and are all striving to do the same thing. They’re entrepreneurs that want to get ahead in life.

Myself, I’m into a few different niches and yes it took a few months before we had our breakthrough. You can find out about me by clicking meet Ken. We wish you the best of luck and never stop learning.





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