Start A Facebook Group

Start A Facebook Group For Your Network Marketing Team

Start A Facebook Group

Start a Facebook group for your network marketing team? Facebook is still the most used and recognizable social media site online. In order to get any type of traction on this social media site you will more than likely have to pay to play.

With their algorithmic changes, many brands are having a declining reach within their feeds trying to establish an organic reach. Deciding to start a Facebook group needs to be well thought out and a plan with goals should be considered.

Everyone is feeling the big time crunch and many home businesses are looking for other options. Facebook groups provide you with an opportunity to have better engagement with your audience. In addition it is a great way to build that trust factor and increase your brands awareness.

Starting a Facebook group for your network marketing team is a way for you to share information, ideas and communicating with your team. It can give your team what they need to build a bigger network as long as you have a solid foundation of content provided for your team to use.

So whats the difference between a Facebook Fan Page and a Facebook Group? First off your Facebook page positions you as an authority in your industry. Pages are for marketing messages, product information and a support element to your customers. A brand page looks more like a personal profile.

Groups are more detailed about the marketing or products. You can allow others to share ideas and their opinions. Especially for network marketers, you can have more meaningful conversations about the products or services you promote. You can discuss the strategies that you want your team to follow and have them involved in the process. Groups need more engagement and need more reliance on other people to be effective.

Use Facebook Groups To Grow Your Business & Build Your Team Faster

Your Facebook group is where your biggest fans are going to want to hang out. It will still require you to build a bigger audience and for you to make it a profit center. This is why you cannot do it alone. You need your team involved in order for it to work. They have to have a say so and be able to express themselves and feel like part of the team.

When you create your Facebook group make sure you give it a name that aligns itself with your niche. You’ll want to ensure you use a great cover photo and write a good description. You should have a pinned post and use it wisely. The rules of the group need to be enforced and understood by all of the members of the community.

Its a great way to build leadership within your team. Start delegating responsibilities to your major members so that they are involved and growing within your organization. You’ll also want to communicate the message how this group will benefit everyone involved. Your team will be more productive once they understand that it will help them grow their business and their brand.

Your team should be allowed to invite new members into the group so that they can grow their business as well. It will make it easier to get new recruits once they see that they can learn a lot and get the information they need to build their brand much easier.

There are over 200 million Facebook groups making it a challenge to gain exposure. You need solid content that can help people using your product or service. You need benefits to help your members. By using duplicatable marketing systems to spread the benefits you gain a major advantage. Everyone will benefit and your team will grow faster.

Facebook Group 101

Picking out a group name should be done using keywords fro your niche. Why not let Facebook send you traffic for free. You’ll need activity going on inside your group. Send a clear and concise message what your group is all about. You’ll also want to have a great description.

Ask questions that invite conversation. You want to get as many folks involved as you can. Assign leadership roles inside your group and make sure all the leaders are on the same page. Your fan pages should also mention about joining your group.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that they will be coming out with a group tab that you should be able to add to your fan pages, websites and emails. This will give you another good way to maket your group and give it more exposure.

We also recommend that you use video to market your group. Have your key players do the same. Its a team effort to help your group expand and to build your brand for your group. You can also spread the word using other social outlets in post or photos. Using your Group cover photo is an excellent way of spreading the word.

Facebook Group Positions

Positions to assign your team players. Get them active within your mini community. Here are a few ideas for positions. Teacher, reporter, interviewer, instagator, and a boss. Each should have a specific duty as to what they post and each should help the others with engagement to get other to start engaging. Its a win win situation for everyone.

Everyone should be willing to invite new people into the group and it should become a daily marketing strategy. When posting to other social media networks try to use a photo like we mentioned earlier. Your building your brand for the group.

Have new members introduce themselves and have everyone welcome them. Ask them what they are trying to get out of the group. Everyone is there for a reason. No arguing or complaining, Offer advice and use positive comments.

Team Building With Facebook Groups

Find out the real leaders on your team. You can build your team using a Facebook group. You will start to see who on your team is taking charge and trying to help other members. They just need a little confidence. Give them some guidance and assign them a position within your mini community.

Let them express their ideas and offer positive feedback. You will see that person grow and gaining ground in their new leadership role. Even if it takes time to grow your community. It gives everyone on your team a chance to help your team grow. Start a Facebook group can be a great way to build leaders from your team of network marketers.

Once you got everyone on the same page it will be time to start expanding. Get those videos and photos ready so your team can use them as social media billboards. Everyone placing these billboards all over social media sites will start building the trust factor and your brand will take off in a short time.

You can even cross train everyone and have them perform a different leadership role within the community. This will encourage new ideas and strategies and your group will keep improving. As your  group start expanding you will be able to assign new members into these roles allowing more time for your leaders to test new marketing campaigns for the entire team.

Once you have a great duplicatable system in place your profits will start to sky rocket and you’ll have more time to do the things you always wanted to do. Now you can kick back and enjoy the rewards. Your team will have a handle on it. You’ll be able to free your time for new projects to boost everyones earning. Team work makes the dream work.

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