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Network Marketing Training Will Help You Build Your Team

Leaders Need Network Marketing Training

Leaders Need Network Marketing Training

You should start with building your confidence by getting the training you need so you can become an expert in network marketing and internet marketing. We either lead, follow or some just get out of the way and do nothing.

What if you don’t have a team? That is OK, because you still need to acquire the knowledge first. Once you learn the skills to market yourself online, then you can share it with others. You will be able to show them what is working because you have mastered it.

Learning how to network on the internet can grow your business faster than any other way. You can reach more people quicker and grow an audience faster because everybody is carrying smartphones. Learning to build your brand is a must for networking.

You just need the training so you don’t fail. What if you learned how to get an extra 3, 9 or even 17 new members per month. Your team would start to multiply rather quickly. Now, if your team could duplicate your results, everyone would be making a nice chunk of change.

Leadership is when you can train your team to duplicate your successes. You set the example first. Show them your results. Train your team with the same methods that are working for you. Your confidence will sky rocket and your team will trust you.

Why People Fail With Network Marketing?

We see people changing companies all the time. You ask them why did they leave that company? Usually they won’t give you a straight answer. But here are few reasons.

  • It Wasn’t What They Expected
  • Poor Leadership
  • Little or No Training
  • They Don’t Know What To Do
  • No System To Follow
  • No Discipline
  • Too Broke To Continue

3 top reasons. They had no leadership, no system to follow and were not trained with a simple system that you can duplicate. People look for online home business opportunities that they think they can make money at and want to know if they will get the training to do so.

Then you see people that no matter what organization they are representing, they always seem to prosper. They may change products or companies but they still climb to the top rather quickly. They know how to choose team players and properly train their team. Why is that?

They are experts at networking. They have built their own brand. People follow them, not the company they are working with. They are technically and tactfully proficient in internet and network marketing techniques. These leaders train their team with the same methods that are working for them.

Great leaders have the confidence it takes and have developed a system to acquire more members.

It’s called attraction marketing. They train their team to duplicate what they are doing. It’s sort of like a fast food place. They have a system that is duplicated at every location. It works.

Give your team training that works. When you have a proven system that works share it with your team to maximize your results so everyone can climb to the top. You are leading by example. They will be able to see the confidence you display with your expert power and your new knowledge that you acquired.

Expert power comes from the knowledge you gain from training. Then once you gain that knowledge, you need to share it with your team members. Give them step by step training so they can have success. You can make a few adjustments for each team members personality.

Leaders Must Set Network Marketing Goals

Using your leadership for network marketing will build you a powerful team. Your team will feel empowered. You will want them to set personal goals as well as goals for your network marketing team.

They will be trained and have a plan so that everyone one of your members can reap the rewards. Most folks are in it for the money. Find out what the real reason why they want to make that money.

Everyone wants to earn that cash but their is a reason they need that money. It could be they want to retire early, buy a new car, purchase a home or what ever it is.

If you can get them to focus on the why they want the money, then they will have a better chance of success because they will have defined their goals better.

You will also want to set some network marketing goals for your team. By providing leadership and showing you care for their successes each team member will want to help out with your team goals. Now if you do it right, everything will fall right in place.

Leadership Requires You To Walk The Walk

Leadership requires you to be prepared to walk the walk and talk the talk. You should practice telling your story why your in the business and what are some of your goals. You will want to show confidence when you get the opportunity to do some speaking.

Practice, drill and even rehearse why you are in the business of network marketing. It will also help you reach your goals. By practicing what to say your confidence level will start to sky rocket. Try using a story about why your in the business. Stories will allow you to have an emotional connection with your audience.

We use the practice, drill and rehearse method all the time. It helps me get a better grip on what we are trying to accomplish. After you practice your story a couple of times try recording it on a video. Just see how you look. Are you comfortable, smooth and confident? Keep practicing until you get into the swing of things.

We use 3 quick story lines. Our 20-30 second version, our 1-2 minute version and then we have a 5 -7 minute version. It will depend on the situation or audience which one we use. Try to use short segments and ask questions so it becomes a conversation.

Our 30 second version is for meeting and greeting. Then our 1-2 minute version is when we are meeting for the second time and you may need a little more info.

Now, when I find that you are interested and want more information because you’re asking a lot of questions, you get our 5-7 minute version. In addition, I may invite you to one of our local meetings depending how the conversation went.

Another important point is walk the walk and talk the talk. Don’t have your team do one thing and you do something totally different. Teach them what you are doing. Give the the real information that they need. Be honest and share your knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Network Marketing Training Will Help You Build Your Team”

  1. What an interesting article about network marketing, something I had little to do with online.
    As an affiliate marketer, I think in terms of myself and not a team, even though I have a very supportive team around me should I need help, as I help others where I can. Your article has given me another way to look at things, a new perspective.
    Thanks for the information

    1. It does not matter if your a network marketer or if you are into affiliate marketing we all can use training and even advice  from a team. Most people that are running an online home business do not have the luxury of having a coach or a mentor to help them along the way. Trying to figure things out on your own can get frustrating at times. Working with a team can get you to the top quicker. Sometimes people can get tunnel vision. Big corporations have teams that advise the CEO. You too get this capability by working with a team. They can help you make decisions just by providing you with information that you may not have thought of.

      We work with both a local team and an international team. They provide information that we would have never come up with on our own. They give us a different perspective. We all share what is working and what is not working allowing us to make less mistakes. This helps us achieve our goals faster. You can learn a lot of these people and it’s nice to get a helping hand when you get stuck. You can get information from people that you can trust. They have results to prove it. Geoff thanks for stopping in and sign up for our newsletter and become part of our team.

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