Alkaline Water Info – Meet Ken Plumber And Internet Marketer

Meet Ken – Internet Marketer & The Water Guy

Meet Ken and His Wife Linda

Hello everyone and by now you know who I am. I’m married to a lovely lady and her name is Linda. The Lord has given us many blessings. Just like we mentioned earlier we have a Plumbing Company in North Carolina. I’m a vegetarian, drink plenty of alkaline water and exercise almost daily.

Big sports fan. I’m originally from Lansing, Michigan and like the Michigan State Spartans and all the professional sports teams out of Detroit. Come on Lions it’s about time you win us fans the big one.

Also looking forward to March Madness. Been living down here in North Carolina for quite sometime and we root for the Panthers as well as all our local teams. Even athletes are drinking alkaline water.

Now, other than my plumbing company I’m involved with a lot of projects with internet marketing. We have several niches that we are involved in and it keeps my mind in shape. Actually we stay quite busy and I love it. Like they say, never stop learning.

People ask me this question all the time. How did you get started with all these online home business opportunities that you are involved with? It starts with getting educated with internet marketing. In addition, the good lord watches over me.

We wanted a way to get some extra cash flow. I also wanted my family living a healthy lifestyle. You know, just enjoy life and be happy. Plus, it’s always nice to put a few coins away for retirement, vacations and getting a few luxuries in life. It helps to be able to take a little extra time off as well.

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