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Water And Plastic Bottle Info

Clean Water & Pick Up Plastic Bottles

Our water needs to stay clean and plastic bottles are ruining our planet. We need everyone to pitch in and simple pick up your trash. Water is the most sought after resource on this planet. Even when we venture to other planets we look for water. Lets work together and keep our planet clean. Plastic bottles are out of control.

Who ever would of thought that companies would be selling bottled water? To top it off, it’s sold in plastic bottles. It’s crazy, billions of dollars are made selling water. But are we using the best water available? Are we wasting our money on those plastic bottles of water we buy everyday at the convenience store we stop at?

Is tap water better than those plastic bottles of water we are buying. National Geographic wrote an interesting article on that subject. We need to be informed more about our water and the sources that we receive it from. In addition, is all water the same? We think not.

That is why we provide alkaline water info to people. So you can be more educated and decide for yourself. Alkaline water, are there any health benefits? It’s difficult to make the proper choices for our family when we do not have enough information. Not just about water either.

Look, I’m not a scientist, chemist or some politician. Just an old plumber trying to get the word out about water. Clean healthy water. Alkaline water is our choice. All we can do is provide you with information.

The environment is getting contaminated with so much plastic that it’s totally out of control. Can you believe there are a million bottles of plastic sold every minute across the globe. This plastic is polluting our shorelines, oceans, our cities and it’s an environmental mess.

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