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Alkaline Water Is Used For More Than Drinking

Alkaline Water Used For More Than Drinking

Alkaline water has many benefits and we use it for a variety of different applications right here in our household. Almost everything we do has water involved in one form or another. We always keep a nice cool glass of fresh water by our sides.

There is a lot of controversy about alkaline water. You have to decide that on your own. At least use fresh uncontaminated water for all your needs. It seems like there is a bunch of he said and she said. Just like with some of the things we eat. All we can do is give our personal opinion and how it benefits our family.

There are a lot of other factors that can play into your healthy lifestyle. Eating properly and exercising are other things you should consider. The Japanese people are some of the longest living humans on the planet. You can bet that all these factors play a role in their longevity as well as anybody else.

Now that we cleared the floor of a few minor details lets get into other uses of this alkaline water that we use in our household. You can also find many other families using this water for the things we will mention here. You can learn more about alkaline healthy water  and decide for yourself.

Household Cleaning

Alkaline water is good for your everyday cleaning through out your household. It can draw dirt, oil and stains from carpets, furniture and even different fabrics that you may be wearing.

It leaves no chemical residue which can be harmful to your pets as well as children. If your the one cleaning you’ll be glad to know that you will not have to carry any of that chemical residue that you get from other products people buy daily.

Don’t forget to use it as a toilet bowl cleaner. All around the floor, bathtub or shower. Sinks, stoves and don’t forget the microwave.

It is also known to kill germs and bacteria. Clean away and start getting rid of those germs today. So disinfect your household and rest assured that you are protecting your home from some nasty bacteria all with water.

Cooking and Food Preparation

Today with all the pesticides that are food sources are in contact with it pays dividends to ensure you clean up those fruits and vegetables. It will remove some of the oil based coatings where those pesticides will hide. Use you alkaline water to clean your food thoroughly.

Coffee and teas will taste better and sometimes remove some bitterness associated with its taste. How about your smoothies to improve your flavor. The Chinese drink a lot of tea and having the right water is said to make a difference.

Beans, stews and rice just seem to get that little extra taste. No matter what your cooking you may want to try your new water and see if it makes a difference.

Seafood is another one that you will want to use your water with. You never can beat a better taste and even removing some of the odors that come with cooking fish.

There are even restaurants that are using alkaline water to prepare meals and ensure they are serving the tastiest meals possible. You can see that it even has its commercial applications.

Pet Care

Being that we have two cats we treat them right with fresh alkaline water daily. Cleaning any accidents and their sleeping areas.

If you own a dog make sure you treat them right with some great water and you can also use for bathing purposes. It will even make them smell a little better.

Plants and Gardening

All the plants in the house get a good dose of our fresh water and it just seems to make them smile. This year we plan on using it in our garden. Nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables with no pesticides.

We’ll have to do a little researching but we expect great results in the garden this year. You’ll have to wait and see. Its great just living a healthy lifestyle.

Even the little bunny rabbits might appreciate that. We like watching a little wildlife in the yard and they deserve to be safe also.

Beauty Water

Alkaline water works great for your hair, face and body. Feel rejuvenated by using this wonderful water. It will make your hair shiny and your skin will feel softer. Seems to moisturize the skin, Not in the way that creams and lotions would. It’s like a soothing experience.

You can even use it as a spray through out the day. We’ve even heard of some Hollywood stars are using it to enhance their beauty. The great thing about it is that you are not exposed and using harmful chemicals or ingredients that you have never heard about.

It still hasn’t stopped me from balding yet but we will give it more time. Also not sure it will work as a bug spray. Next time we go out camping we just might give it a try. We hope this alkaline water info is giving you a better understanding of what this water can do. Next we’ll talk about water and the plastic bottles that are out of control.

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