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Google Is Not The Only Way To Generate Traffic

Google is not the only way to generate traffic

It exciting to know there are other ways to bring traffic to your site without the help of

Google. If you are like most people that are trying to rank on the top of Google to get traffic. Google is not the only way to generate traffic.

It’s not easy to get to the top of Google. You may not have the finances which is the fastest way to get target traffic to your site (payed advertising). If your looking for a long lasting SEO power to whip Google panda, penguin and all the other animals they think of.

There are ways to get instant traffic without the help of Google. SEO is a challenge because it takes time. If you are looking to get tons of traffic. It’s going to take lots of consistent effort and time.

 Google is not the only way to generate traffic

How would you like to know how to get tons of leads and make money without being rated on the search engines and without doing any payed advertising. We know that your goal is to generate traffic. Traffic is your life line. If your blogging.

The key to your success is to post on purpose for your traffic. But, before you start it’s very important you have a very clear understanding of what your intention is.

What is your why? What do you want your end goal to be?

Goals can be traffic generators. Google is not the only way to generate traffic. There are many ways to drive traffic to your site.

Not all traffic is created equal. There is targeted traffic and non-targeted traffic.

5 steps to targeted traffic, Always begin with what is your finished results, do keyword research, produce compelling content, publish your content, and promote your content so it will get rank.

Google is not the only way to generate traffic

Four things that you want your traffic to do. Call you, purchase, opt-in, and click through.

The greatest thing about this strategy is you can Google proof your content to get free traffic without it being rated overnight on the search engines.. It’s a simple way to still be in the Google raider and still have the opportunity to speed up the process to generate traffic that converts. 

Once you know your intention. It’s time to do your keyword research in your targeted market. What are the most likely phrases and words that people will take action on? When they are looking for your service, product, or just looking for information?

Always remembering that the internet runs on search.

Your goal should be to generate leads.  What are you creating the leads for? Now that we know what the leads are for. It’s time to produce your content. Once you have your content. Write it in a blog post.

Google is not the only way to generate traffic.

Five steps on how to publish your content.

  1. Blog post
  2. Article for distribution (ezinearticles, steetarticles )
  3. Video (you tube), (dailymotion)
  4. Forum posts (warriors forum, betternetworker forum)
  5. High traffic web 2.0 sites (ibotoolbox, pinterest )

Take a little more time and do little extra work in all five area’s. To expand your search so it will help you in generating more traffic for free.

Thanks for your time. If you got some valve from this post share and leave your comments.

Remember to live well, laugh often, and love much!

 Google is not the only way to generate traffic


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