Google Is Not The Only Way To Generate Traffic

Google is not the only way to generate traffic

It exciting to know there are other ways to bring traffic to your site without the help of

Google. If you are like most people that are trying to rank on the top of Google to get traffic. Google is not the only way to generate traffic.

It’s not easy to get to the top of Google. You may not have the finances which is the fastest way to get target traffic to your site (payed advertising). If your looking for a long lasting SEO power to whip Google panda, penguin and all the other animals they think of.

There are ways to get instant traffic without the help of Google. SEO is a challenge because it takes time. If you are looking to get tons of traffic. It’s going to take lots of consistent effort and time.

 Google is not the only way to generate traffic

How would you like to know how to get tons of leads and make money without being rated on the search engines and without doing any payed advertising. We know that your goal is to generate traffic. Traffic is your life line. If your blogging.

The key to your success is to post on purpose for your traffic. But, before you start it’s very important you have a very clear understanding of what your intention is.

What is your why? What do you want your end goal to be?

Goals can be traffic generators. Google is not the only way to generate traffic. There are many ways to drive traffic to your site.

Not all traffic is created equal. There is targeted traffic and non-targeted traffic.

5 steps to targeted traffic, Always begin with what is your finished results, do keyword research, produce compelling content, publish your content, and promote your content so it will get rank.

Google is not the only way to generate traffic

Four things that you want your traffic to do. Call you, purchase, opt-in, and click through.

The greatest thing about this strategy is you can Google proof your content to get free traffic without it being rated overnight on the search engines.. It’s a simple way to still be in the Google raider and still have the opportunity to speed up the process to generate traffic that converts. 

Once you know your intention. It’s time to do your keyword research in your targeted market. What are the most likely phrases and words that people will take action on? When they are looking for your service, product, or just looking for information?

Always remembering that the internet runs on search.

Your goal should be to generate leads.  What are you creating the leads for? Now that we know what the leads are for. It’s time to produce your content. Once you have your content. Write it in a blog post.

Google is not the only way to generate traffic.

Five steps on how to publish your content.

  1. Blog post
  2. Article for distribution (ezinearticles, steetarticles )
  3. Video (you tube), (dailymotion)
  4. Forum posts (warriors forum, betternetworker forum)
  5. High traffic web 2.0 sites (ibotoolbox, pinterest )

Take a little more time and do little extra work in all five area’s. To expand your search so it will help you in generating more traffic for free.

Thanks for your time. If you got some valve from this post share and leave your comments.

Remember to live well, laugh often, and love much!

 Google is not the only way to generate traffic


A warning Message For Network Marketers

A Warning Message For network Marketers

A warning Message For network Marketers

A warning Message For network Marketers

Not everybody will make money in the network marketing business. A warning message for network marketers.

It’s because people in general will not follow through on what it take to be a successful network marketer. So often people take actions, but are they taking the right actions.

It’s time to stop wasting time. A warning message for network marketers. If you are struggling or have been in the network marketing business for years and have not had the success you wanted. Then stop right now and ask yourself one question.

What is it that I really want.

The magic word clarity. You need to be clear on what you want. Once you are clear on what you want. You need to take the time to put what your intentions are on paper by using your five scenes.

A warning message for network marketers. Be very clear on what you want your outcome to be. Put your goals in a way that you see in your mind as you write. You see yourself doing and achieving your success now.

This is your first step to success and doing it the way that will bring out the results that you want. This is very important.

A warning message for network marketers

There is a difference between successful people and failures. Successful people are absolutely clear on what they want. They have a clear business model in there mind and have the clarity on how they will achieve there success.

They take massive action before they know everything. They made the decision to take action before they totally understand everything even if there path wasn’t clear yet.

Successful people take massive action before they know everything. In the process of taking action they made the proper corrections to there mistakes. Taking action helps to figure out there mistakes and to correct them. A successful outcome is what successful people look for.

A warning message for network marketers.

Failure on the other hand want to know everything before they take any action. They want to know all the solution before they take action. They don’t want to go out and make things happen or made mistake. They want to know everything perfectly before they start. Failure have there goals off in the future not in the now.

Successful people see there goals in the presence tense. Now is the time. What do I need to learn to accomplish my goals. What is the model to create the income I want to earn.

What is the evident. Your evident would be you looking at your bank account and you see the thousands of dollars that have been depositing into your bank account for the massive action you have taken.

What rewards will you get for your accomplishments. Be clear what rewards you will create for your success when you reach the level of success that you want. This is a very important. Ever time you accomplish something you need to reward yourself.

People who accomplish great results are people of great faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped, for the evidence of things not seen. Successful people have faith in there vision. Faith in what there are going to accomplish. Even if they do not know how to do it.

What is my purpose. To quit your job, to get out of debt, to buy a home or pay a mortgage off, take the family on vacation.

What is your purpose.

Write out your goals and be very clear. Have a game plan. Use your five senses. Reward yourself for your accomplishments. Take massive action now before you know everything.

Leave me your comments and thoughts. Take action now!

Remember to live well, laugh often and love much!

A warning message for network marketers





Writing To Succeed With Your Online Home Business Team

Online Home Business Team

Why writing is important to me and my online home business team.

Online Home Business Team

Online Home Business Team

The first thing that I would like to say is writing can be very hard without the right tools. Writing to can be like going to school trying to learn my a.b.c’s. As you learn the skill sets to writing it will become easier. What I have heard is effective writing is about my personality, my opinions, and often times my mistakes and blunders. When I write I can make a lot of mistakes and blunders. When I start to write a blog post or article I start out with a lot of excitement. As time goes by I have some mental blocks that it takes me some time to finish writing a four hundred plus word blog post or article. Do you have some of the same problems.

This can happen because you need to have a niche to write about.. This is something that you are passionate about.There were times in the past it takes me a day or two to finish my blog or article because I get frustrated over not being able to to finish in a reasonable time. It’s nice to be able to know how to write like some of the top writers do. But what I have seen on the internet is that if you cannot write good with consistency you are likely not going to build a successful online home business.

By becoming a better writer it will help provide value and convey leadership qualities. It doesn’t have to be boring. Being a good writer starts with providing relevant information, tips, or advice to help the reader to understand. Once you know how to provide this kind of value and leadership to the reader it will change the way you build my online home business team.

Online Home Business Team

Why writing is important to me and my online home business team. It’s a way to express what’s on your mind. It’s a way to communicate with others. It’s a way to let people know who you are. Writing can be a way to influence and inspire people to reach there dreams in life. By becoming a better writer it can eliminate some of the frustrations that you struggle with. Being a better writer I believe that it can help you spend less time writing my blog posts or articles and more time on other parts of my online home business team that are money making activates.

I do believe that not having the confident in your writing skills can play a big part in how you build a online home business team. Being a better writer can educate, equip, and empower you to become the leader that you need to be if your going to succeed.  That why I think if you can learn how to write with more passion and confident like your talking to a friend. I believe that learning some basic fundamentals can gave you the confident and can eliminate some of the frustration that you have with writing. Having the know how to build a successful team will take a lot of sacrifice and hard work. I am determine to do what it take to be a more effective writer. How about you.

Leave thoughts and comments and share to help your fellow network marketers.

Remember to live well, laugh often, & love much!

Online Home Business Team


A Home Based Business

A home based business

A home based business

A home based business is a excellent way to work from home.

There are thousands of home based businesses that you can choose from in four different categories.

What type of work you want to do from home is very important.

There is the traditional home based business.

Work out of the home and travel the roads to delivery the products or services.

Having your business working out of your home can keep the overhead cost down. Great advantage if you start a new home based business.

This is just one of the many benefits you can get from having a home based business.

There is the world wide web home business which markets services or products over the internet.

They also provide software, e-books, and online training via internet. With the internet you have no geographic bounties.

There is the home based business that you can have the opportunity of buying into a franchise or starting your own franchise home based business.

With a franchise business there is a investment to start up.

The last is a home based business called multi-level marketing. Sometimes know as network marketing.

Would you consider joining a multi-level marketing company.

 In this field there are competing companies with similar products and services in a few limited categories except the silver and gold 

These categories are:

  1. cosmetics and skin care
  2. technology products
  3. services, financial, travel, discount programs.
  4. household products nutrition and weight loss
  5. nutrition and weight loss
  6. silver and gold

When you enjoy what you are doing it makes it alot more fun.

So it very important that you choose the proper multi-level marketing home based business.

A home based business can be a challenges to.

Some of the first things to do when looking to start a home based business from home.

You will need a team and leadership.

Secondly, a team with a marketing system that bring results.

Last a team with great support and training.

What we covered is four types of  home based businesses  from home.

They were the traditional home business.

The world wide web home business.

The franchise home business.

The multi-level marketing home business.( know as network marketing.)

You are invited to take a look at a home based business called empower network.

A affiliate marketing company. That pays 100% commissions directly into your bank account.

You can start for as little as $25 dollars a month.

That will give you a website all setup and you will learn the eight core commitments to building your home based business.

Take the time to click on the link and change your life.

Making money is what a home based business is all about.

Leave your comments and share if you enjoyed. To your success!

Online Home Business Team

online home business team

online home business team

Online home business team

Network marketers are always on the look for better ways to build there online home business team.

The opening of the internet has opened up a hole new way of doing business.

Online home business team is here to guide network marketers in building and finding better ways to market.

If you are struggling wondering is there a simple business model that you can use. One that can help you defined your goals and give you a simple plan of action.

One that is team oriented and will help you put all the pieces together. Helping you define your goals and help you put a plan of action to work for your online home business.

Empowering network marketers is a excellent way to building a team that will help you to put all the pieces together by following a step by step plan of action.

Having the team with the proper training is an excellent way to build your online home business team.

This team can give you the strategies, tools and work ethic, but you need to take continuous action. This is very important when being part of a team. (Together Everyone Achieve More).

This industry is all about building trust and relationship before you can start to earning a living. What better way than to build trust and relationships than being on a online home business team. People don’t join companies. People join people.

There is hope for the marketer that is willing to make the commitment to do whatever is ethical to live the dreams of being a successful network marketer.

What are some of the biggest problems that network marketers face in this industry.

Honestly, there no one answer but there are several. Some of the problems that network marketers face.

Lack of leads, lack of money, lack of duplication, lack of marketing and you.

Would you consider starting with you. Looking at yourself as the key to successful building your online home business team.

The magic starts when you understand that to succeed in this industry you need to take total responsible for your failures and successes.

What that means is you take total responsible for where you are now and where you are going to be in the future.

Your future will be defined by the chooses you make now to build your online home business team.

Take the time to be a student of the network marketing industry.

When you work on your personnel development you will be developing your leadership qualities that will build a successful online home business team.

Because this industry is all about building team leaders.

Training and leadership build teams.

Get involved with a online home business team. Empower others not to just succeed, but also to become leaders. If you enjoyed this post share and leave comments.

Live well, Laugh often,& Love much!

Do I need a online home business team

Online Home Business Team...Do I need a TEAM?Why in the world do I need a team for an online home business team?Think about building a house, there are plumbers, carpenters, electricians, general contractors. All of them are part of a team.

What about sports, even boxers or a tennis players have a team. Yes, they have coaches, trainers, nutritionist, and more.

Its all about how to get to the top. Winning or selling . Whatever your goal is.

Now I’m not saying go hire a Internet guru, a world class trainer, a copywriter.

It seems sometimes that some of these people selling some these courses out there have the answer for everything or all of your internet marketing problems.

Then after you buy it, your stuck with the same situation except you have less in your pocket.

Internet marketing is not a get rich scheme.

You have to work at it. You have to surround yourself around positive people.

Make the must of your situation and join a forum or a network with other internet marketers. Be active in the business community.

Weather its offline or online. Join a Chamber, a networking social, or a coffee house of creative thinkers. The experience alone can be a big benefit.

Plus gives you some excellent contacts. This will give you a good start to building your online home business team.

Some of the major reasons for having this team is for ideas, opportunities, how to deal with some of the challenges, problem solving, and just good business practices.

By being involved in an Online Home Business Team.

It will give you the time necessary to gain that expert knowledge you need to keep your online home business rolling.

Plus you want to treat your online home business as any other business. So it needs to make a profit and yes, you have to be putting some time into it, in order for it to succeed.

In addition, it gives you a opportunity to strengthen your leadership abilities and create a following for you when you are ready to accept the leadership role.

Remember to give back and share that knowledge so others have the same opportunity and your group can grow stronger.

In conclusion, Would you consider joining a online home business team.

I would like to thank you for listening and would like your comments so we can all benefit and prosper.

It is always great to be involved in something that everyone has a common goal and can get rewarded.

Go ahead an click on the link online home business team and start to build your success team.

live well, laugh often, love much!

To your success!



The Dilemma


Online home business team- the dilemma

Online Home Business Team  -  The Dilemma

Discovering if you should work with a online home business team. Is this a dilemma for you.

What you will see is the top marketers work with many different team players. It could be through one company or several.

If you are a new marketer you may not yet know that the top veterans in this industry produce 80% of the earning. That’s no coincidence.

The veterans in this industry work as team players. The leaders in this industry are helpers. Their is something about the power of team players Results.

Working with a online home business team you will achieve the success you are looking for.

It’s no surprise that new marketers don’t have the credentials that the season veterans have. If you were to take the time to do a little research.

Every top marketer has been new in this industry. They started out just like every new marketer has. Being on an online home business team will give you the power of team work making the dream work.

This business is not a get rich quick business. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Success is painful.

This is what the top marketers do to be successful in this industry. You will find that the top marketers in this industry have the power of the master mind group that were on an online home business team. Putting their minds together too produce results.

If you are not willing to work hard and make the required sacrifices you will end up like the 97% that fail in this industry.

You are reading this article because you want to be successful to earn a living building a online home business team.

You can have the some success that the top marketers have if you are willing to put a plan of action into motion that will bring the success you are reaching for.

There are a lot of valuable team leaders to work with to build up your online home business team.

Working with the leaders in this industry you will inquire the tools to be a leader in this industry yourself.

Don’t be a wussy click on the link. Change the dilemma into your success. An make your dream come true. Leave your comments an share if you are a team player. To your success!

Stop Struggling With Your Online Home Business

Stop Struggling with your online home business

If you are struggling with your online home business. Don’t feel alone. 97% of marketers naturally feel the online home businesssame way.

When I started my online home business. Not only did I feel frustrated and overwhelmed with all the information that was available INFORMATION OVERLOAD. It can seriously be a little overwhelming.

Then I realized, enable to hit the bulls eye. I needed to get focused. I needed to surround myself with the experts. That’s exactly what I did.

This is the most effective way to build your online home business. Simply put, Build your business with a global team.

This is the type of leadership that WORKS. The smart way. The road to success.

By being introduced to the smart systems. I have been able to learn how to build a online home business. It’s all about understanding the smart systems.

By having a full team of expects. There is no secret to building a online home business.

There is however one very important thing if you are going to succeed in building a successful online home business an that is you need a PLAN OF ACTION.

By following your plan of action. you will have a starting point in able to learn the strategies, techniques to build a online home business.

Struggling with online home business

There are many way’s to build your online home business. From blogging, social media, search engine optimization, video’s, etc.

What I have find is being a well rounded marketer is not as effective as being a sharp marketer.

Let me explain, the #1 threat to you becoming a sharp marketer is being on to many e-mail lists.

If you are on 10-25 e-mails every week telling you that must do a.b.c. or learn this new technique else risk becoming the next road kill on the information superhighway.

All these guys or gals distract you into becoming well rounded at four or ten things and sharp at none. A little bite of blogging, social media, video’s, etc.

Hundreds of hours of work, yet. The bottom line is that your online home business suffers. I have been there an done that.

You will just get frustrated or overwhelmed. What I have learned.That being a sharp marketer, will put you on the road to success.

Would you consider, choosing one way of generating traffic and one way of converting traffic and master both.

Mastery of two major skills (not) five = six figure income. Once you have one way of generating traffic and one way of converting traffic nailed down.

Then work on other traffic techniques. Very few people will ever master all traffic sources. Just pick the ones that are your strengths.

Then you will be on the road less traveled. Suddenly success is in your hands and not around the corner. There is no one right way. There is only your way.

Take the time to click on the link. Share if you enjoyed and leave comments if you are a online home business team player.

Struggling with online home business.


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